Advantages of Stainless Steel

AKVAHELP METAL stainless steel pools are gaining more and more popularity for their durability, quick installation, easy maintenance and, above all, for simple and modern control of all processes associated with their cleaning and operation.

Whether it is public swimming pools in water parks, schools, sports and rehabilitation facilities, hotels and spas, or family swimming pools, whirlpools, children's and infant pools, paddling pools, cooling pools, etc., it is always necessary to carefully monitor and adhere to water quality and technology of its modification.

Disinfection and cleaning

For optimal bathing comfort, the water must be disinfected and stabilized at the correct pH, ie in the range of 7.0 to 7.4. If the pH is too high, it means that the water is aggressive towards the skin. Limestone deposits and increased chlorine consumption can also occur. At low pH, the water is too acidic. Maintaining the correct pH value prevents excessive consumption of disinfectants, as their effectiveness decreases significantly at high pH values.

Disinfecting the water in the pool means destroying bacteria that could cause bathers infections. Traditional chlorine disinfection of pool water not only kills the bacteria present, but also destroys other organic impurities.

PH and disinfection regulators

Daily monitoring and automatic evaluation of pool water quality is provided by controllers that are connected to the pool filtration circuit.

The controller consists of a control unit, measuring electrodes and dosing pumps, some modifications are equipped with a connector for connecting an external display and a pool water thermometer (the measured temperature is displayed together with other data on the external display).

The pH value is measured by an electrode, the disinfection concentration is a direct methodology for measuring free chlorine, or measured by a redox electrode. The set value of free chlorine or redox potential and the measured pH are shown on the display.

Modern controls

The control and monitoring of stainless steel pools, manufactured by AKVAHELP METAL, is increasingly becoming part of the management of smart homes. Equipped with computer and communication technology, these buildings anticipate and respond to the needs of residents, not only increasing their comfort, but also reducing energy consumption and providing them with safety and entertainment.

Using automation and a mobile phone or computer, it is possible to program the mode of the entire pool treatment, not only the purity of the water, but also its heating to the required temperature and the preparation of the entire device for immediate use. Then everything works automatically and automatically according to the selected program. Dosing of chemicals is kept as low as possible, filters are automatically rinsed, everything is worry-free.

These selected devices are put into operation at AKVAHELP METAL to measure and according to the customer's wishes.

To increase comfort, it is possible to supplement the pools not only with massage jets, waves, water spouts, etc., but also underwater speakers and lighting, thus creating, for example, a pool disco.