Construction Procedure

Advantages of stainless steel pools

• almost unlimited service life, many times the service life of other materials used in the production of swimming pools
• environmentally friendly material
• simple and fast construction preparation
short implementation time
• Possibility of placement even in hard-to-reach areas
(cellars, roofs, etc.)
• the stability of the surface of the material, which does not age, does not crack and retains its original appearance
• Possibility of additional installation of pool accessories
crystal clear water
• minimum operation and maintenance requirements
easy cleaning of hygienically safe material on which algae does not settle

Construction process

Based on long-term experience with the construction of stainless steel pools, the construction process of stainless steel pools is being developed, which is the same for the construction of new pools and swimming pools, as well as for the reconstruction of the original concrete tanks and pools. This technological procedure guarantees fast and, above all, precise assembly of stainless steel bodies.

Installation of stainless steel pools can be divided into three parts

The side walls of the pool in lengths of 3 - 5 meters, including the overflow gutter, are mounted on a pre-prepared base plate or base strips. After settling, these walls are leveled and anchored to the base strip.

After the installation of the side walls, the subsoil under the bottom of the pool is backfilled and leveled with gravel-compacted backfill, on which smooth or non-slip (embossed) stainless steel sheets, intended for the bottom of the pool, are laid. All piping systems, including bottom distribution nozzles with adjustable flow, are already located in the backfill.

Finally, the side walls are covered with sand and then with soil. Ambient modifications are being carried out, with the entire pool being passivated and being prepared for commissioning. In this way, any swimming pool, swimming pool or reconstruction of the original concrete pools can be built in a very short time and without complicated construction modifications. A huge advantage of stainless steel pools is, above all, the possibility of additional addition of any accessories and thus increase the attractiveness of these pools.

Construction description

  1. The side walls are mostly made of smooth one-sided ground sheet metal, where the upper part forms the so-called overflow edge of the pool, through which water is poured into a gutter covered with grate. The overflow edge also serves as a touch edge. This system ensures quiet water drainage into the overflow gutter.

  2. Overflow gutters are made to ensure 100% drainage of pool water and are covered with polypropylene grids, or. stainless steel.The circulation of water in the pool is ensured by a system of adjustable bottom nozzles, which are also made of stainless steel, and which ensure 100% water exchange over the entire pool area without any dead spots.

  3. The bottom of the pool is made of stainless steel with a non-slip pattern at a depth of less than 900 mm, and with a smooth surface at a greater depth.

  4. All entrances to the pool (stairs) and railings are also made of stainless steel with a pattern.

  5. Accessories - such as starting blocks, handrails, benches, spouts, ..., are in most cases a fixed part of the pool.

  6. Compared to other available materials for the construction of swimming pools, stainless steel materials are now almost comparable in price and show many times higher service life and quality.

Water attraction

Akvahelp places great emphasis on the attractiveness of the pool. A family or public swimming pool is not just a tank with temperate and purified water. In today's design, the aesthetic design is complemented by various attractions, such as:

lighting effects (stage and surround lighting) above and below the surface

sound effects - underwater nezer-speakers (even at a distance of 15 m perfect listening)

all-pool flow (even if the pool is up to 5 m long, you can swim 50 m to overcome it)

Combined pool with variously heated water for a relaxation zone

• air massage bench with comfortable headrest

hydromassage jets with seats

• children's water toys

air beads

• bottom beads

gargoyles, water cannons

• bounce and jumping boards

• starting blocks