Case studies
Hotel - indoor pool
The Harmony Club hotel offers the opportunity to use the relaxing stainless steel whirlpools, which are located in the wellness area. Indoor stainless steel comfortable whirlpool for 6 people. Hydromassage jets and air massage is suitable for anyone who wants to enjoy relaxation and rest after a busy day. Realization: 2013
Family pool
Family relaxation pool 14 x 3 m Indoor stainless steel swimming pool located within the construction of the Multifunctional Apartment Complex on the 16th floor. The whole area is surrounded by all-glass walls allowing a panoramic view of the surrounding area during the day, as well as the monumental night scenery.
Hotel - outdoor pool
The outdoor stainless steel swimming pool is located in the hotel complex on the border of the Central Bohemian and South Bohemian regions. The stainless steel floodlit pool provides plenty of opportunities to relax. The outdoor pool has dimensions of 10x8 meters. You can also enjoy a countercurrent or bubble bath here. Realization: 2019
Summer swimming pool
Video description
In August 2018, the reconstruction of the summer swimming pool in Vrahovice, the local part of Prostějov, was completed. We replaced the original concrete pool with a stainless steel one, and a new water treatment technology is also included. We have built 3 swimming pools, a 50m swimming pool, a relaxation pool with access for disabled people and a children's pool with attractions.