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Company managementAKVAHELP METAL spol. s r.o.

For more than 30 years, AKVAHELP Metal has been engaged in the design, production, assembly and service of stainless steel swimming pools, including the comprehensive supply of water treatment technology, at the customer’s request.

We have extensive experience in the production of stainless steel swimming pools since 1992. We have extensive knowledge in the field of stainless steel processing technology, their shaping, welding and final surface treatment. The quality of our products is guaranteed by the established ISO quality system.

Ing. Albin Malyrz

Managing Director

AKVAHELP Metal has been involved in the production and assembly of stainless steel pools, swimming pools and water parks for many years. From the beginning, we have built our business concept and activity on high-quality and broad customer services, an open and responsible approach to their requirements. We know that only a satisfied customer is the prerequisite for our success. An equally important part of our concept is a good production and technological background and well-managed, motivated and satisfied employees, without whom our success would not be possible.

The introduction of a certified SIM system was part of our long-term strategy. According to the experience and inspections to date, the certified SIM in Akvahelp Metal is functional, the requirements for the SIM are respected and implemented among the workers, and it brings good results to Akvahelp Metal, contributing to the continuous improvement of performance, employee satisfaction and, above all, the fulfillment of customer requirements and satisfaction.

In the management of customer relations, the company Akvahelp Metal has led CRM digital database technology. Thanks to the effective use of this tool, we have the opportunity to know, understand and anticipate the needs and wishes of customers and supports two-way communication between us and the customer. This system helps us ensure the continuous development of Akvahelp Metal as well as an increase in orders. The system helped us to expand the area of ​​operation to the territory of several other EU states, which was and is one of the goals of our long-term strategy. The fulfillment of our long-term business concept is also evidenced by our efforts to streamline the demands and improve the quality of our production process.

We also do not forget our employees, who undergo regular training and courses corresponding to their job classification. These are mainly periodical training in the field of welding, such as regular inspections by law, plasma welding, welding in a protective atmosphere. The design and technology teams are regular participants in expert seminars on the use of chemicals in private and public swimming pools, problem solving, legislation according to currently valid standards for obtaining technical information on chemical dosing systems, installation and their operation, and an expert seminar on hydraulic loss, hydraulic system designs. Calculations and correct sizing of pipelines, placement of individual components.

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