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family swimming pool 20,00 x 2,20 m

The outdoor stainless steel swimming pool is located on a steep plot next to the family house and is part of the relaxation area. The technology room is located very close to the pool. Compared to the water level, the pool channel is lowered in the so-called infinity manner, and the overflow channels are covered with stone pebbles. The stainless steel pool with LED lighting provides plenty of sports enjoyment due to its size and, thanks to the hydromassage jets, rest, balance for restoring strength and proper regeneration after a hard day.


Pool length
Pool width
Pool depth
Pool area
Pool volume
Underwater reflector LED PL 800
Hydromassage jets 4 pcs
Subsurface lamella covering

20,00 m
2,20 m
1,30 m
44,00 m²
57,20 m³
5 ks
6 m² /h

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