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This luxury family swimming pool is located on the property next to the family house and is part of the terrace. Compared to the water level on one side of the pool, the so-called INFINITY channel is lowered and lined with stone pebbles. A staircase provides convenient access to the pool. Hydromassage jets located in the wall of the pool are ideal for relaxation and rest after a hard day. The essence of hydromassage systems are water sprays. The water is sucked out of the pool by the pump and then mixed with air and blown back through the jets. This system acts as a very effective relaxation and blood circulation support. An underwater automatic lamella blind is used to cover the water surface.


Hydromassage nozzles 10 pcs
Lighting Smart LED PL 800 4 pcs
Subsurface lamella covering

14,00 m
3,00 m
1,40 m
42 m2
59 m3
6 m3/h
40 W

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